In the past month I have met with several groups and individuals who are working with (or toward) Teal practices. Reinventing Organizations, by Frederic Laloux, highlights several organizations that have evolved away from traditional management into more evolved management.
Before this, I read Simon Sinek’s work, Bob Chapman’s work, and researched several other evolving methods of how people can work together, to bring their whole selves to their jobs, and align their personal purpose with their work purpose.

While living in the Findhorn Community, I was able to experience this without having any labels for it. I was simply allowed to be myself in a place that had a big enough container for me to fit in. It was glorious.

I attended a workshop facilitated by Christiane Seuhs – Schoeller from Evolving at Work that brought the simplicity of evolving at work to an easy to grasp in the moment. As I witnessed someone moving through their tensions, while being coached by Christiane, I realized that once one has a place to resolve their tensions, they can evolve more quickly. They don’t have to keep repeating the old patterns of thinking, acting, and reacting over and over at work. I suspect too, that what we experience at work is just our personal lives playing out on a different stage.

I didn’t have to search very far to find Enlivening Edge, an online magazine highlighting this movement and from there found myself in the middle of a community of people all doing this work, both in their personal lives and at work (well, to be honest, they are blurring the lines between work and personal life purposely, which I found refreshing!).

All this speaks to my philosophy quite directly. As above, so below. As within, so without. When I meet with clients they usually have something specific they want to work on, and I find that the pattern of resistance can be found throughout their lives, both in their business and their “personal” lives. I start with where they are at, and then draw lines to other places that I see might be having similar issues. Once they see how they can move through it in one place, they can usually move through something similar in another aspect of their lives. It’s remarkable. And then they can evolve to their next best self, which is my favorite part.