Work with Me

As a coach:

I collaborate with you to investigate where you experience disconnection and we work together to get back into connection, so that you may live your highest ideal.

I help folks remember who they are and why they are here.

I celebrate the unique moment that is the creative combination of gifts, synergy, and expression.

I reflect the light that I recognize in you.

I guide you back to your joy.

I provide a safe container to engage in self awareness and growthI reflect the divine energy you were created with and reflect the divine love you often keep from yourself.

I offer compassion in places where you are disconnected from compassion.

I help center you in your life.

I witness you in your life and hold space for you to be in your anger, doubt, and shame, so that you can reflect on those feelings and find your way out.

I focus on your experience of being, rather than doing and goal reaching.

I help you realign yourself with your purpose.