I had the good fortune to have weekly meetings with Becca before she claimed her title as life coach.  She was always fully present, listened deeply to what I said and had the uncanny ability to ask unexpected questions that led me to learn what it was that I really wanted in my career.  She presents a mirror of what is and then, using her intuitive skills and wisdom, she reflects another picture that your work together creates to illuminate a clear path of what could be.  It all seemed so clear and right in front of me.

It was then up to me to drop any excuses and call my courage to the fore and step upon this preferred path.  I did it!  I am now working successfully on my own with more time to pursue more of my dreams.  I am blessed that I had these meetings with Becca and I’m thrilled that she is now offering her coaching skills to more people.  Your investment with her will pay off in all ways!

-April Bolding, Birth Portal

There are people who take coaching courses to learn how to do it, and there are folks who just radiate light and love and intuition, and who absolutely cannot help reflecting the ultimate and divine potential of the people around them.  I am so grateful for my coaching sessions with Becca Campbell. Becca is a conversational conduit serving to lead you back to your Truth.  In a concrete, practical sense, I came from my coaching with action steps, solid plans and attainable goals; in a Spiritual one, I felt I was returning home, renewed, reminded of WHY I chose my profession and how to let my creativity envelope all that I do.  It is my great pleasure to highly recommend Becca to anyone craving reflection, nourishment, and movement in their work and in their lives.  If you are not here with us in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I believe she offers distance sessions via phone and Skype and is 100% worth her modest fee.

-Brandi R. Dharma Massage

Becca Campbell:  Coach Extraordinaire

I have been a business owner for over 11 years now & have decided to start up a new business in the last few months.  I always felt I needed support the first time around but was not sure where to get it.  This time I am doing it right by working with Becca.

Her coaching style matches my needs so well, I often have to pinch myself to make sure it is really happening.  Her support is authentic, caring & task oriented, yet it has a flexibility to it that works well for me when I need to veer off from our original course.  Being an often introverted person & very quick to get down on myself, Becca has a humorous way of meeting me where I am.  She then helps me see that the negative thoughts I have are always a bunch of rubbish that just get in my way.  She coaches me to come up with ways to work with my personal stumbling blocks and move around them with more ease.  Best of all, she guides me in finding the deepest and truest part of myself, then invites her to come out and play as often as possible.  I believe that if I am able to live from this place, I will create a career and life filled with prosperity and abundance, rather than making decisions based out of fear.  Thank you, Becca, for helping me stay in tune with that.  I look forward to continuing support from you!

Jen G – Organizing Rockstar