It’s our time

Yesterday, January 21, 2017, I marched in downtown Seattle with 140,000 other people. It was called the “Womxn’s March” (Organizers said “the “x” in Womxn’s March on Seattle is to signify inclusivity and to show many of the issues overlap and affect different groups of people”) but I saw all types of people there.

I saw the bold, innate fierceness that women and those that identify with the feminine qualities, simply have in their essence. It wasn’t soft, by any means though. It was present, it was energetic, it was strong.

Lately, I’ve been contemplating what it is that I want to focus on in coaching. While I have a lot of small business experience, most of the time, it has been a very yang/masculine (competitive, money-focused, one-upping) experience. Or it has felt that I need to do some code-switching to “translate” what it is I mean to a world and a culture that has a dominant masculine energy.

But seeing all those women, standing up for all they support, I felt bolstered to start focusing more on coaching women. It’s not that I don’t want to coach men. In fact, it would be great to coach men in how to work with women. But I am finding that women need something different, something specific to them, something that speaks to what they are about.

So what’s your vision? What are you about? What defines your success? Let’s work together on that!