About Coaching

What I love about coaching is when a client gets that light bulb idea, or when a challenge has been overcome, or when a leap of faith has been taken and proves to be successful.

I’ve been coaching others one way or another since I was in fourth grade. In that time, I have learned that most of us have similar struggles. Maybe our circumstances aren’t the same, but we all want to grow, be loved, give love, feel fulfilled, and make an impact, however big or small. It’s a beautiful and sometimes chaotic path to fulfillment and oftentimes it can feel lonely, hopeless, or confusing. That’s where I come in!

My clients tell me that just the notion that they aren’t alone gives them motivation. When I can provide a broader perspective, my clients see things differently and are then able to act differently. When we can (lovingly) poke fun at a thought that’s outdated and irrelevant, my clients have more fun pursuing their dreams and ignoring their fears. I help create a plan from my clients’ visions, so they can co-create a new life.

Most of the time resistance keeps us stagnant. We stay small because it seems easier. We don’t ask for help because we’re afraid (of numerous things). We don’t dream bigger because it’s uncomfortable. If you have even the slightest curiosity about a coaching session with me, I encourage you to contact me for a free 30 minute consultation. At the very least, you’ll have an awesome time, feel inspired, and get some valuable insight.