What if I don’t know where to start

This is something a lot of coaches hear at the beginning of a coaching relationship. You may know you need help (some folks don’t even know this!) but it may be frustrating to know nothing more than that.

Where do you want to start?
I ask folks if they have a thought when I ask where they want to start. They usually first say “I don’t know,” and then after I press a bit more, I ask, “What the first thought that came to you when I asked?”

I don’t have a beginning to start at. I just start where the energy is. Because often our bodies or our incessant and pressing thoughts (dreams, etc.) know where they want to start. Sometimes it’s a sad or angry place. “I don’t know why my girlfriend left.” Or there’s an empty feeling where there used to be a happy, fulfilled feeling. I can start there, too.

All that matters is that you are willing. You don’t have to know much more than that.