Decision vs. Action

Okay, so you’ve decided to get started on something. It could be writing a new book, or building a house, or starting a relationship, or writing a song. The decision is the first step, but to make that step really count, you have to take action. Here’s where a lot of us slow down.

The decision might have felt challenging, but somewhat easier than the action. After all, the decision can be private but the action involves consequence or effect and is usually more visible. Inevitably the action will represent you stepping forward, even just a little bit, out of the pool of people who make decisions into the pool of people who take actions. The pools are very different sizes and filled with different folks.

When I hung out in the decision pool for too long (it was so nice and warm in there, why leave?), I always missed opportunities. I usually tried to tell myself that if the opportunities were that exciting, they’d come and PULL me out of the pool. Despite the frequent proof of that not happening, I stayed. People came and went. And I stayed. Eventually, it got boring, so I’d take some action, usually some ridiculously small action, and then prove to myself, again, that action was not worth it.

So rather than making you choose pools (they are both exciting and fun for different reasons), let’s experience both. Let’s celebrate the decision and then keep the momentum going with an immediate action. What seems to trip people up, is taking too big of an action. Deciding to become a song writer, writing a song, assembling a band, and recording a song are actually really big leaps for many people. And it’s enough to scare anyone off or become the proof that action was a bad choice. I believe that the right action feels good and there’s some ease or flow to it (which might include some excitement). If you’re used to biting off more than you can chew and then choking on the huge piece, then of course fear of action would make sense.

Let’s just take smaller bites. And let’s work through it, to make sure that that’s the bite you want to take, and not just something you saw someone else eating (two metaphors in one post!).

Progress is always decision and action, decision and action. We can add in reflection and celebration to make those experiences add to the richness of your life.

What decisions did you make today and what actions did you take? Too big? Too little? Tell us more…


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