What is a coach?

I had a few soccer coaches growing up and the ones I liked the most were the ones who had experience, could actually show me how to do something themselves (rather than saying, “Contact the ball with your laces…”) and who knew something about collaboration and teamwork. Those coaches had played before.

When coaching others, I adopt these same concepts.

I show people how I do something, rather than relay how someone else has done it. I do the exercises alongside my clients, so I stay present to what I’m asking others to do and the possible challenges that may arise. I seek clients who are open to collaboration and improvement.

Everyone defines coaching differently, which makes sense. When I played soccer, each of my coaches had to work with the unique individuals on a given team. Some players had stronger kicking skills, others had stronger passing and placement skills, and still others were just uplifting, positive members of the team who simply made the game more fun and held the team together.

My experience as a coach includes a lifetime of skills and talents:

  • AmeriCorps
  • Youth Group President
  • Peer conflict resolution
  • Couples conflict resolution
  • Course in human psychology and community living
  • Healing work
  • Creative non-fiction writing BA Degree
  • Courses in Industrial design
  • Non-profit Board member
  • Business owner
  • Landlord
  • Intentional community member
  • Mother
  • Energy/Reiki healer
  • Raw food educator
  • Feng Shui Practitioner
  • Bed and Breakfast manager
  • Writer
  • Outward Bound participant
  • Soccer player

I bring each of these experiences and the lessons I’ve learned into my work with you. My sessions are customized and individualized because you are unique and face unique challenges.

I’ve read countless books on techniques, systems, and theories, and when I coach you, I’m able to synthesize all that I have learned so that we can make progress together (and you don’t need to read all those books!).

The magic of coaching, in my opinion, lies in the relationship between the coach and the client. When something isn’t working, I get immediate feedback in body language, facial expressions and inquiry. I’m able to shift perspective, try something new, and make sure you are able to move through blocks.

As a coach, it’s my job to:

  1. Be your advocate
  2. Support shift and change, no matter how big or small
  3. Help create balance and perspective
  4. Bring humor and levity when appropriate
  5. Provide exercises to move through challenges and obstacles
  6. Be your cheerleader
  7. Collaborate with you
  8. Listen
  9. Congratulate you on your success

As a client, it’s your job to:

  1. Be open and willing
  2. Listen
  3. Share freely when challenges arise
  4. Tell the truth
  5. Give feedback if something isn’t working
  6. Celebrate your victories
  7. Share your vision
  8. Collaborate on a plan to make that vision a reality
  9. Receive the well-earned high-five for kicking butt!

You will get valuable information from my posts, but working one-on-one or in a small coaching group will help you move faster, with more support, and more success. When you’re ready, contact me and we’ll get started. If you’re not ready yet, keep reading!


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